Products & Services

Firearms Purchases:
When you purchase a Firearm from Blue Ridge Arsenal you receive:
2 free hours of range time ($40.00 Value).

Lifetime Warranty and No Regrets 30 Day Return Policy.

Click here to download the warranty form and view our policy

Armorer Work:
Installation of Sights – Dovetail – $50.00
Stake in Front with Dovetail Rear Sights – $75.00
Detail Clean and Lube – Handgun – $50.00

  • Rifle – $50.00
  • Shotguns – $50.00
  • Military, Older Manufacture and Antique Firearms – Price on Request

Minimum Shop Charge – $50.00
Duracoat – Price on Request
Mount and Bore Sight Scope – $75.00
Bore Sight Scope only – $25.00
For quotes on other work contact our Armorer

Duracoat Price List: (Available on Request)

Transfer Form – PDF Form  Please email the completed Transfer Form to: Thank you.

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