Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association

National Shooting Sports Foundation
The NSSF was chartered to “to foster a better understanding and a more active participation in the Shooting Sports.”

American Women’s Self Defense Association
AWSDA is an educational organization dedicated to furthering women’s awareness of self-defense and rape prevention.

Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment
AWARE is a source of training, information and support for women learning how to cope with violence.

Citizens’ Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
CCRKBA believes in the second amendment and that the “disarming of individual law-abiding citizens will result in the loss of individual freedoms”.

Citizens of America
COA creates, distributes and pays to run pro-gun rights, pro-self defense advertisements nationally on radio, in print and on television.

Law Enforcement Alliance of America
LEAA defends the freedoms guaranteed by hte Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment. LEAA represents tens of thousands of Law Enforcement Officers through out the country who feel that law-abiding firearm owners should not be blamed or punished for America’s crime problems.

Gun Owners of America
GOA is a lobbying organization that operates on both the Federal and State levels to preserve the rights of gun owners.

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc
VCDL is a grassroots organization that promotes safe, responsible firearm handling and the Second Amendment.


Alabama, Office of the Attorney General
Concealed permits issued by Sheriffs

Alaska Dept. of Public Safety, Permits and Licensing
Concealed permits issued by Department

Arkansas State Police
Concealed permits issued by Department

State of Delaware, Office of Attorney General
Concealed permits issued by Clerk of County Court

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Attorney General
Concealed permits issued by Sheriffs and Police Chiefs

Kentucky State Police Legal Office
Concealed permits issued by Department

Maryland State Police
Concealed permits issued by Department

Virginia State Police
Concealed permits issued by Clerk of Circuit Court

Virginia State Legislature

ATF division of the of the U.S. Treasury


Extreme duty sights for any type firearm and shooting situation.

Alliant Powder
Quality smokeless powder for reloading. Visit the site’s interactive Reloader’s Guide and ammunition section.

American Derringer
These precision built firearms come in a variety of barrel lengths and caliber, to include their Alaskan Survivor in 45-70.

Produces a variety of AR style rifles in .223, .308 and .234 caliber. Armalite rifles are considered to be the most accurate of the AR style rifles on the market today.

Auto Ordinance
The Tommy Gun manufacturer. Auto Ordinance builds the Thompson 1927, which was made famous by the gangsters of the 20’s, and their own 1911 style pistol.

Barrett Firearms
Best known for their .50 BMG bolt and semi auto rifles.

Beretta firearms.

Bloomfield Press – Gun Laws
Produces the Virginia, Florida and US Guide to Firearm Laws.

Bond Arms
Take a step back into the old west with these precision built derringers.

Browning firearms, archery, safes and outdoor equipment.

Galco Leather
Galco is the premier company for leather gear, using only the highest quality leathers and dyes. Their unique designs have been a favorite of the shooting and law enforcement communities for over 30 years.

Springfield has been building quality firearms for ages. Their M1A Rifle has taken honors the world over for accuracy and it’s durability saw many a serviceman through bitter times.


Hunting Outfitters
Read about and look at photos of hunting areas around the country you may want to book a hunt at.


Crossfit of Tysons

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